It’s so quiet in here I can’t hear myself think!

I’m a confessed geek, attending a geek’s conference, and looking forward to gaining lots of new info over the next few days that I can take back to WKU. The eduWeb conference starts tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it.

So here I am alone in a hotel room in San Antonio where I have a huge king size bed, a big screen tv with the remote all to myself, no laundry or dishes looming nearby and nobody vying for my attention. I crave this kind of quiet, alone time because it’s a luxury that I don’t get very often. And while I’m thankful for the solitude….I’m bored!! After a week of vacation where our family had a lot of “togetherness” I thought I’d be excited to have this time to myself. But as luck would have it, I really do love all those Biggs boys, and I miss them already.

Of course, it will be nice to stay up late reading and to sleep right in the middle of the bed. I hope to even get some work done while there aren’t a lot of distractions. Right now though, the biggest distraction is the deafening silence in this room, and it’s going to take some getting used to!

The good news is – I know I’ll adjust, enjoy my time in San Antonio, learn lots of new stuff, and best of all, look forward to lots of hugs and kisses waiting for me when I get back home.


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