What makes a ‘good’ day?

There are lots of things that can make any given day a ‘good’ day or a ‘bad’ day. Usually for me a good day is one where I think about all the things that happened – where I can look back and say that I was able to check items off my to-do list..or a day where I spent quality time with my husband and kids…or a day where I hung out with my BFF…or a day where I got to visit with my family. But sometimes it’s the things that DON’T happen in a day that make it a good one.

Case in point: today after work my husband kindly asked, “Did you have a good day today?” My response: “I guess so…nobody told me off today, so that was a good thing.”

Looking back that was a pretty pathetic response, but unfortunately it was just an honest one. Of course the day isn’t over yet! In my job, each and every day brings with it the potential for a good tongue lashing (fortunately my skin is getting a little thicker every day). This is especially true given the current project of rebuilding the university’s website. Some folks think this means the sky is falling, but fortunately, unless you count the rain, that didn’t didn’t happen today either. Yet another reason to call it a good day!

Many other much more important things didn’t happen today..no one got sick, I didn’t get a request for a parent/teacher conference, the crock pot didn’t burn the house down, the post-Christmas credit card bill didn’t arrive in the mail…the list could go on and on, so I know that there is a lot for which to be thankful!

Now I will wind down and get some rest in preparation for another day, because who knows…in all of its craziness, tomorrow could be a good day or a bad day. I’m hoping for a good one!


One thought on “What makes a ‘good’ day?

  1. I read this last month, but didn’t comment, but it’s a slow day today so here goes. As you have heard me say many times, YOU are the only one that can determine if you’ll have a good day or bad one. Yes, I know lots of people take actions and have influences over the environment that you fined yourself in on any given day. And many folks seem to take great pleasure in making your day difficult for their enjoyment, but they are generally the egocentric, self serving, all for me individuals in life that have few real friends.

    I believe that it’s your attitude that makes the day good or bad. And only you can control your attitude. My dad use to say, “if you want a friend, be one”, and I believe this can translate into, “if you want to have a good day, try to make it so for everyone you meet today”. This may be too corny for most folks, but that’s what I believe. Maybe it’s old age and too much sun that makes me more philosophic these days. But I have many friends, and I wish them all a GOOD DAY today.
    don s

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