All for one and one for all

I recently began putting together a Marketing Council at WKU.  This is a group of people on campus who “do marketing” as part of their job – even if it’s not their primary responsibility.  There are several purposes for this group.  They are to provide a new networking opportunity, to be a resource to one another, to have a way to disseminate information about branding, messaging, logo usage, etc., to provide opportunities for collaboration and perhaps some shared media buys, and just to share information and ideas.

One of the things I want to emphasize to the group, and to everyone on campus, is that the marketing materials we publish, whether print or digital, reflect on each and every one of us.  That’s why everything we do should look and feel professional, the logo should always be used correctly (can you imagine anyone trying to “mess with” Nike’s logo?), and we should all be sending out consistent messages about the university.  This is a special place and we have a good story to tell!  To help with this we are working on developing a Branding and Graphic Identity Standards document.  It will include information on logo usage, website content, social media, presentation templates, and information on who to contact with questions.

No matter what college/department/division we are representing, we are all representing WKU.  I think that by working together and having open lines of communication, we make ensure that everything we do represents WKU well.


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